1. Where are your prices? Why don’t you list them?
I wish it was just that easy. Several factors impact each price of each furniture. Wood, stain, shipping, personalized options are just a few of them. By visiting with you, I can get you exactly what you want not what your willing to settle for and usually for less money than anticipated. Let me show you.

2. Is it worth my time and effort to visit with you?
I will try my very best to make it worth your time. My very best effort is to get you the very best furniture at the greatest price delivered to your home. If I fail to do this the first time, you lose and so do we.

3. Is your furniture made by Amish Craftsman? Where?
Yes, our furniture is primarily made in the Indiana and Ohio Amish communities. Our craftsman take great pride in what they do and how they do it. Each piece is individually hand made just for you.

4. Is your entire selection shown on your website.
No, unfortunately it is not. I wish we could show them all. Amish Craftsman display the most popular items but always share they can custom make almost any piece. If you are researching a certain, piece and you do not find it here, Please contact us. Again, if I fail to help you, I lose and so do you. We want to help you find the piece you need. Contact Us

5. Is custom furniture, and custom sizes available.
Every piece is custom in some way. It is designed the way you order it. We have standard sizes for every piece but you can customize it your way with your stain color to match your existing furniture. If you require a certain size we can get a personalize quote for you. If you have your own design, let us help and get you a price quote.

6. When will I receive my furniture?
Great question! Generally on standard orders, it takes 8-10 weeks. We are in constant communication with the Amish Craftsman; once the order is placed, and confirmed we will contact you with the details of the arrival date. Keep in mind, every order is made with you in mind. Some orders may take extra time due to the building process.